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Okay guys, I’m going to get serious for a minute. 
If you’re not in Ireland at the moment, you may not know about the situation regarding the laws on abortion. It is completely illegal, even in cases of rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormality, and other such things. 

Women have died in this country because inability to have an abortion put strain on their health. A woman who wasn’t even Irish begged for an abortion because her child was about to die in the womb. The complications arising from her case resulted in her contracting septicaemia, organ failure, and tragically dying. 
In 1992, the X Case took place, involving a 14-year-old girl, knowns only as x, who became pregnant after being raped. Instead of offering help to the girl, who because suicidal, they prevented her from travelling out of the country for an abortion.

Any Irish woman* who needs an abortion has to travel to the UK, which means if you don’t have the money, you’re out of luck. What does the Irish Government have to say about this?

Well, recently the UN confronted the Government about our abortion laws, pointing out that we were breaking Human Rights laws, and that the Government treated Irish women* like vessels.

Joan Burton, the Tánaiste, said that there will be no referendum on abortion in this Government’s lifetime. They’re literally saying that they don’t care enough to rectify Human Rights breaches.

I am NOT a vessel, and neither are you. Make your voice heard. Come to the March for Choice on the 27th of September in Dublin. 

Never give up, never stay quiet.

This has only been up since last night and LADS, the NOTES. Keep spreading the word!

I am Canadian, and I’m sorry to say until I read this I didn’t know anything about what you women were going through.
This is completely disgusting, I can’t even believe what you’re going through.
And I wish I could come out there and march with you.
But I don’t have the money so I can’t.
But I’m going to keep reblogging this, and sharing it.
And I hope all my followers will too.
This is important people, no matter what gender you are or what country you’re in, everyone deserves their basic human rights, and we need to stand together until this becomes a reality.
So please spread the word for these women.

Please reblog this. As a woman whose job it is to protect people it pains me that my beautiful and pioneering country should be so reckless with the health and general well-being of its citizens. 

There remains a very strong stigma attached to being a woman due to strong religious influences in Ireland. Although these have waned with time, there is still a continued reluctance to have women take control of their bodies. 

Take Sex and Wellness Education. It was a mandatory class I had to take from the age of 13. However, not once did we learn anything about anatomy of the dangers of STD’s and STI’s; the different representations of love and gender; how sexual intercourse occurs in heterosexual and homosexual couplings; and how relationships affect us. Instead we did our homework.

I was convinced, for years, that I peed out of my vagina. I swear to god. No one had taught me otherwise. 

Picture a young first year college student fresh out of a secondary school run by nuns. She opens up a book in the college library and her mind is blown by the revelation that she does not pee out of her vagina.

How fucking sad is that?

And to those individuals in government who refuse us our Basic Human Right I say this: We have shaped this great nation. We have given you sons to fight for our Independence, we have worked in your factories, in your hospitals, in your homes, on your farms. We have sold our wares in our stalls and joined your armies. We have cooked your meals, ironed your shirts, given you your best chance. In return give us the right for our bodies to be ours — not yours — ours.

Women, girls, ladies — this is our revolution.

We are not vessels. Terminating cells does not equate a life lost. If so, I should be arrested every evening for exfoliating. 

Respect the fact that even if you do not view termination as an option for you if your were to become pregnant, the choice should still ultimately be yours. No one has a right to take that from you.

A woman’s body is NOBODY’S BUT HER OWN!




Restore your faith in humanity.

احلى بوست شفته في حياتي التمبلريه

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